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Nobody ever updates here, so I will. I was jerking off about a week ago or something, and my sister Andy walks in and screams "Oh my god your dick is fucking huge! How do guys let you stick that in their ass?!" And so I start screaming at her to get out, and my mom comes in and just tells me to get some 'fucking clothes on'. Like it was my fault! Rawr.
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hahaha aww you rule

BFF <333
I rule?! I got walked in on! =(

<33 BFF
oh my god, your sisters name is andy? haha greatness. how big is it bahaha sorry.
Yes, that is her name. And I don't know. I guess big enough for my own sister to check me out. Ick.
haha check you out? all girls thik cacks are huge.
keep your hands busy, yo.
All girls are funny. ^__^
Keep my hand's busy? Will do. =)